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Who we are

We are a membership organisation run by members for the benefit of the members, we have a close working relationship with agencies that have a direct relationship with the Taxi Trade. We have good working relationship with Sheffield City Council, Licensing Officers, and the Police.

Our people

The Current Officers  
Chairperson Hafeas Rehman
Vice Chairperson Zulfiqar Ahmed
Secretary       Arshad Ali
Treasurer   Naheem Rahim

Statement by Chairperson

"I have been honored to be elected as the Chairperson of the STTA. Your vote will enable me on your behalf to continue to carry out the work of the STTA that best serves the membership. I thank all of the membership that voted".

M Arif Statement

I have been honoured to be the longest serving chair of the STTA. At the time of my appointment in 2001 the STTA was going through a very bad patch in time, with the deregulation of the Hackneys in Sheffield. Relations with the council were at an all time low but over the years a working relationship has been established.

I have enjoyed my time working for the STTA, I had a very good support network around me which included members of the management committee and the officer of the STTA. I would like to say special thanks to one particular officer of the STTA Hafeas Rehman (secretary) who helped me and supported me all the time.

Executive Committee

Mansha Khan
Mohammed Nisar
Mohammed Hafez
Mahboob Ali
Arshad Mahmood

What we do

Our role is to provide advice, and provide support and assistance to our members. We also work in partnership with Sheffield City Council and other statutory agencies on policies matters. We represent our members interests on several public bodies.  We campaign and lobby on behalf of our members to promote their best interests and ensure our customers receive first class service.


The Taxi Trade Association was formed in the late 1970’s we have information and minutes of meetings dating back to the 1970’s.

It has been known by a number of names Sheffield Taxi Plate Joint Committee (STPJC), Taxi Owners Association (TOA) and Sheffield Taxi Owners Association (STOA).

On the 16th July 1986 the Sheffield Taxi Trade Association (STTA) was established as we know it today. This Association was open to all Hackney Carriage owners and drivers. The first elected chairperson was Mr R Bahatti. It was formed by taxi owners to act as the voice for the Hackney Carriage trade.

Objectives of the STTA

The STTA is a non profit making organisation, we are completely funded by membership subscriptions, and STTA is not political and is only interested in the well being of our members.
Our objectives are as follows;

  1. In keeping with the highest standards of service to the general public, with the purpose that each member may earn a deserved success through their efforts in the trade,
  2. To carry out important activities in the common interests of all its members,
  3. To protect the interests of the members in relation to matters which solely concern the Taxi Trade as a whole in the city of Sheffield ,
  4. To make every endeavour to obtain the best possible operating and trading conditions for the members, to cultivate acquaintances, fellowship, co-operation, goodwill and a professional spirit among them ,
  5. To facilitate research in all functions of the licensed hackney carriage trade in Sheffield,
  6. To assist, support and represent  its members in every way possible,
  7. To facilitate the exchange of ideas methods with external bodies,
  8. To encourage the development of new members,
  9. To conduct Annual General, Special General  and General committee meeting for its members,

How the STTA is organised

The STTA is managed by Management / Executive committee consists of four officers and five committee members. The officer posts are Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasure. They have full power insofar as they are consistent with the constitution and rules of organisation.

Honours board

Name   Year
    From To
Hafeas Rehman     2007 Present
Mohammed Arif   2001 2007
Mohammed Barkat Shad    1999 2001
Ibrar Hussain   1996 1999
F. Mohamed      1995 1996
Altaf Hanif      1993 1994
M Hussain     1992 1993
G Khan       1990 1991
R. Bhatti       1986 1989
G. Halley     1979 1981

Become a member of the STTA:

Why should you join us?

From the 1970’s the STTA has worked for the rights of it members and the Taxi trade.

The service we offer:

* Representation
* Advice
* Counselling
* Information and Training

Membership Form Download
Attach a copy of the membership form need to add return address with payment details and a reminder not to send cash, only send cheque if posting. The form can also be handed into one of the management committee members.

Arshad Ali

Why should you join us?

From the 1970s the STTA has worked for the rights of it members and the Taxi trade.

We offer:

What the Members say

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