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What our members say:

STTA Membership is more than just an information source. Members are making a difference by getting involved and sharing their experiences.

Member A
concludes, "I would say membership is very good value. There is so much to gain. No matter how much you think you might be self-sufficient and coping with it all, membership could give you a wealth of information, help and support"

Member B
has been an active member within committee throughout his working life, and has made the most of the opportunity to speak up for others. “I have faced politicians and councillors. It was a challenge at first, but I enjoyed it. I found being a member of the committee very interesting.”

Member C
feels that being an STTA Member also enables him to make a difference. He explains, “I think people should all have the opportunity to have their say in STTA. It is not enough for Management committee have their say, as a member my views are be listened to.”

Whatever the views or interests of members, what unites STTA Members is they want to be in the know and make a difference. It’s up to individuals how involved they want to be. You can only get involved if you join and it does not matter how loud you shout from the outside of the STTA we are here only to represent the views and interests of the members.

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